Right brains, wrong job?

“Sometimes I feel as if I’m going to explode” said the CEO of a successful start-up company, and “I just don’t seem to be able to do the work” I hear from so many of my competent but stressed clients. Even if they don’t say it so clearly, their deflated body language and manic or depressed tone of voice give the same message. As the nights draw in these frustrations seem to be highlighted.

Of course there are as many circumstances as there are people and different jobs but the truth is that, just as over 70% of women are apparently wearing the wrong bra size, a significant number of employees are in jobs that neither suit nor bring out the best in them. They undeniably have relevant skills for the job they’re doing, but, by a series of un-planned occurrences or plain bad luck get shoe-horned into something or somewhere that just doesn’t fit them! Often, it needs someone external to measure up the situation correctly and give them an opportunity to think about their expectations, ambitions, interests, strengths and weaknesses. Simple questions like “what makes you feel good?”, “what parts of your work are you best at?” or “if you had your ideal job, what would it be?”, encourage people to talk to their bosses about needed change or even take the plunge and job hunt.

Amazingly, a quarter of employees admit to taking a “sickie” to relieve stress or maintain their mental health. Reading further into a survey on skiving work shows those employees simply aren’t happy in their jobs. What a sad waste of time, energy, ability… … especially when we get only one go at this life. Luckily, we can’t lose the knowledge, experience and expertise that we gain in our jobs and we can build on them to develop and flourish. It just takes courage and confidence to do something about ‘moving on.’

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I'm feeling much more confident now - thank you, I think your gentle yet feisty approach with me may just have hit the spot! I've turned it around, and am taking each day as it comes. Life and work are happier and calmer, and less panicked. With your help I’ll be able to sustain this and develop myself as I know I can.

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