It's tough out there!

I recently went to a networking event where a business angel repeated one of his slides during his presentation: "It's tough out there!" He was talking about the increasingly harsh realities facing start-ups and established companies in his specific field, but it applies to all sectors of the economy. I also noticed how often he mentioned how 'stressful' things are for all concerned.

To underline this, we have just had National Stress Awareness Day in the UK - the statistics make glum reading. Between 35% and 65% of people suffering stress at work believe it affects their productivity or job satisfaction. Amazingly, employment uncertainties play such a role in contributing to stress that redundancy now scores higher than divorce or moving house! Yet, help is at hand: a recent study on Fortune 1000 executives showed that professional coaching realised an average return on investment of almost six times the cost, reduced conflict and increased job satisfaction.

We frequently work with employees who fear or are facing redundancy, or indeed are desperately job-hunting. They and their companies benefit hugely and immediately from the specialist support and focussed work that weekly coaching offers, in the difficult process of coming to terms with reality and looking at various life and employment options. Instead of allowing stress to overwhelm them, they learn to rise above it and prevent stress from making them just another statistic in that tough world out there.




I'm feeling much more confident now - thank you, I think your gentle yet feisty approach with me may just have hit the spot! I've turned it around, and am taking each day as it comes. Life and work are happier and calmer, and less panicked. With your help I’ll be able to sustain this and develop myself as I know I can.

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