Whatever happened to colleague care?

It occurs to me as I support hard-pressed employers and stressed staff, that there is a gap in our vocabulary. There are a plethora of training courses for 'customer care', 'team building' or 'management training', but never 'colleague care'. Why not? Isn't it strange when we spend far more time interacting with colleagues than at home with our loved ones! When things go out of kilter in a family, there are therapists and excellent organisations like Relate. Yet, our working culture does not encourage work-place services that improve and ease relationships between colleagues.

I know from clients that it is easy for staff to forget that their co-workers and employees are their most immediate 'customers'. Illness and absenteeism due to work induced stress is all too real a problem, and it is the atmosphere at work which often tips the balance. People, at all levels, like and need to know what is going on and to be treated with respect. Open, honest and effective communication is the key to providing a productive and enjoyable work environment. CLE Consulting & Training is often called in to help sort out uncomfortable situations at work. Some of these are resolved by mediation, others by training staff to be more aware and understanding of each other's work and behaviour styles.

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I'm feeling much more confident now - thank you, I think your gentle yet feisty approach with me may just have hit the spot! I've turned it around, and am taking each day as it comes. Life and work are happier and calmer, and less panicked. With your help I’ll be able to sustain this and develop myself as I know I can.

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