Survival of the most flexible

As we all know, there are really only three choices:

1. stick to the status quo, 
2. make certain adjustments or
3. go in a different direction

In this current economic climate, numbers 2 and 3 are on the cards for a lot of people and companies. There is a definite air of insecurity in the jobs market, with increasing numbers fearing projects drying up, enforced changes at work and even redundancy. There is no point in just putting our heads in the sand, 'fiddling while Rome burns' or hoping that the difficulties will miraculously disappear. As Charles Darwin wrote 150 years ago, it is not the strongest or most intelligent of the species who survive, but those who are most responsive to change.

Naturally, when difficulties arise we fear the future, but that can be the perfect time to question our situation and weigh up alternatives. People are very resilient if they are able to feel in control of the decision-making process. For this to be the case, good employers must communicate with them and implement proper consultation processes. Change management is an active not a passive life skill, and it is vital that we are pro-active and positive.

Just ten words describe the right attitude - IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME. A SWOT analysis, for example, will help clarify current dilemmas. Remember that the way the SWOT questions are formulated is vital, so spend time checking what needs answering so that the pros and cons are clear. It is at times like this that we have been really useful in guiding individuals and companies through difficulties towards constructive decisions and realistic planning.




We would like to thank you for your practical advice and sensitive support which was much needed and hugely appreciated by both of us. Thank goodness we found you and managed as civilised a separation as possible we are so grateful, both for ourselves and for our children.

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