If it is to be, it is up to me

As a personal and business coach I usually write about challenges facing others, but to launch my new series the spotlight falls on me.

Last year I was hit by one of life’s great unexpecteds, a serious and cruel illness which forced me, while undergoing and recovering from surgery and treatment, to dig deep and practice what I preach. In order to overcome difficulties and tackle dilemmas you need to ask others to support you with their knowledge, kindness and expertise. At the same time you have to keep a determinedly positive attitude and remind yourself that ‘if it is to be, it is up to me.’ The fact that I’m back on form and at work allows me to say with confidence that it works!

I found a package of things that worked for me, both as external and internal therapy. Uppermost without a doubt were my unbelievably loving family and friends. I quickly realised that I had to draw on others and other ways to keep going. Those included writing a diary which gradually became a safe place to unburden myself of all the horrendous happenings and feelings along with noting the silver linings. I also gained support from acupuncture, deep-tissue massage and one-to-one pilates – they all helped to keep my mind and body together.

What life throws at us - health problems, job insecurities, difficult career decisions, work-life imbalances, relationship issues - can quickly have an adverse impact on individuals and the organisations that employ them. People try to manage these situations without help although they immediately turn to professionals for legal and financial problems. My recent experiences have reinforced the importance of finding the appropriate combination of support mechanisms to overcome these and grow through them to success.

All the old adages really are true – you have to take one step at a time, share your worries and give yourself credit for every achievement, however small. Remind yourself that you don’t lose your skills despite what you’ve been through and, believe me, it feels brilliant to bounce up again and beat what might seem unbeatable.

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I'm feeling much more confident now - thank you, I think your gentle yet feisty approach with me may just have hit the spot! I've turned it around, and am taking each day as it comes. Life and work are happier and calmer, and less panicked. With your help I’ll be able to sustain this and develop myself as I know I can.

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