CV writing needn’t be daunting

Why is it that our school and university curricula are filled with everything from Tudor England to algebraic equations, from understanding biotechnology to how to do spreadsheets … but seem to omit one of the most important and useful skills for life and work, namely how to write a good and effective curriculum vitae. This thought occurs to me weekly as I help clients to update their CVs so that they are highly communicative, clear and concise and, most importantly, do what they are supposed to do: sell the individual in the best possible light.

The enormity of the task for someone who needs to do their first CV came home to me recently when my 22 year-old graduate daughter said she desperately needed to compile her CV for a job she was keen on. It seemed a really daunting task to her – and yet she had just written a 10,000 word dissertation on a subject I could barely understand! Within an evening we had put together a simple and punchy ‘profile’ of just a few sentences, listed her education and training history and summarised her work experience, skills, interests and referees. It then needed formatting so that the result is a really professional and effective CV which will surely stand out from a pile of other applicants.

Your CV is a very important document; with it rests your hopes and dreams for the future – that next step up the career ladder, a better position, hopefully more money, a change in direction and interesting new challenges. Written and presented well, it also boosts your confidence and gives you faith in yourself to perform favourably at interviews. Ensure that your CV represents the very best you have to offer in this competitive market and helps you secure that ‘perfect’ job.





Our Company went through a succession of changes with redundancies, new personnel, a shift in direction for remaining staff and a new CEO. Bringing in CLE Consulting & Training ensured that those leaving were supported and the other staff were helped to remain focused and motivated. Caroline Lloyd-Evans’s contributions and interventions have been extremely beneficial.

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